Tree Spirits
(YA fantasy)

When seventeen-year-old Perrin Var is captured by a race of Tree Spirits during the Midsummer’s Day hunt, he learns he’s been chosen as a human sacrifice to keep the peace between the Tree Spirits and the deadly Shadow Walkers. Perrin escapes, which puts his whole village in danger when the Shadow Walkers attack.


Perrin discovers he’s only the latest sacrifice, and must fight the Shadow Walkers to break the 500-year-old ritual. With help from his friends, and a Tree Spirit who falls in love with him, he is still hopelessly outmatched by the Shadow Walkers…until he discovers who he truly is.


In a race against time, Perrin must save his family and his village from the Shadow Walkers. Only he can save them…if he can stay alive.    

The White Wizard - Book One: The Book of the Ages
(MG Fantasy)

Thirteen-year-old Brooks Edison finds a strange book that transports him and three friends to Kilandia, a world ruled by Morth, the Black Wizard. He’s mean and cruel, which isn’t winning him any Ruler of the Year awards.


Brooks learns the book is a powerful weapon of magic and the only way to defeat Morth. He's also mistaken for the White Wizard, who stole the book and disappeared a hundred years ago.


Problem is, Brooks isn’t the White Wizard.


And someone steals the book the moment he arrives.


Brooks has four days to find the book, defeat Morth, and save Kilandia from certain doom. No small task for the White Wizard. For Brooks, it's all but impossible.

The White Wizard - Book Two: The Third Scroll
(MG Fantasy)

One year later, Brooks Edison and his friends Tommy, Pete, and Dafne are back in Kilandia. This time, Brooks's sister, Lina, is along for the ride. Morth, the Black Wizard, has returned from exile and seeks the Third Scroll. As legend has it, the scroll points the way to a powerful object, which grants immortality to the one who possesses it. Brooks has three days to find the scroll before Morth does. Only then can he stop Morth from killing him and his friends and ruling Kilandia forever.

The White Wizard - Book Three: The Eye of the Maker
(MG Fantasy)

In the final installment of the White Wizard series, Brooks and his friends must use the clues from the Third Scroll to find The Eye of the Maker before Morth does. Trouble is, Morth is already looking for the Eye. Brooks must beat Morth to it or else Morth will gain immortality and rule Kilandia forever.

Olon Ruse and the Ten Plagues of Egypt

(MG Fantasy)


Twelve-year-old Olon Ruse has two weeks of freedom left. That’s when he’ll turn thirteen and start working sixteen-hour days, seven days a week for the Flats. He’s a Horn–one of the have-nots. God promised Olon’s ancestor hundreds of years ago that the Horns would inherit a land they could call their own. But they’ve been living in poverty, slaving for the Flats for three hundred years. They can’t leave. The wall is too high, and the Guard is too mean.


The angel Gabriel visits Olon and tells him he is the chosen one of God to lead the Horns from bondage and fulfill the promise he made to Olon’s ancestor. Olon isn’t buying it. He doesn’t believe in a God who has ignored his peoples’ suffering for three hundred years.


Because of Olon’s unbelief, God sends him to a world far away, and straight into the body of Moses. As if being an eighty-year-old man everyone is counting on isn’t enough, Olon must learn to trust that God will fulfill his promise, or not only will the Israelites remain slaves, the Horns will too.    

Kell McKeller and the Wormhole

(MG Fantasy)


When Kell McKeller’s dad and his colleague are lost in a blizzard and declared dead while on assignment in Antarctica, Kell is devastated. When the new girl at school, Shushan Wu, tells him her father was his dad’s colleague and that they aren’t dead, he thinks she’s nuts. At least, until he and Shushan uncover the clues their dads left behind.


The clues lead Kell and Shushan through a wormhole to another world where Homo sapiens died out long ago while Neanderthal-like humans survived. Sticking out like donkeys at a horse race, Kell and Shushan must find their dads while being chased by Neanderthals who want them caged and studied like lab rats. That’s better than those who want them stuffed and displayed as museum exhibits. Kell and Shushan find help from Neanderthals who aren’t threatened by them, as well as from Shushan’s ability to control minds that she picks up along the way. But even if they do find their dads—and manage to stay alive—getting back home is a whole other problem.    

The Calusa Stone

(MG Fantasy)


When Zylo Marsh buys a stone at the science museum, he doesn't expect it to conjure four 1930's movie monsters who do what he asks of them. They help him get out of eating his vegetables and scare away the school bully. Things are looking up…until a strange man steals the stone. 

Zylo and two friends set out to find the man, take back the stone, and get Zylo’s movie monster friends back. But when he discovers the stone is the key to finding a treasure hidden for hundreds of years, he realizes that the man is coming back for him. That’s because to uncover the treasure, Zylo must die. 


The Six Stones of Creation - Book 1: The Stone of Day and Night

(MG Fantasy)


If you’re going to risk your life to save the world, it helps if you’re already dead.


In the year 2060, an impending ice age threatens to turn the world into a huge ice rink. Sunny Florida feels like Alaska in January. So it’s no surprise when twelve-year-old Dax Moon falls through the ice and freezes to death.


Dax meets Michael the archangel and a dead girl named Ute. Michael tasks them with finding the first stone of creation, one of six located in different places—and times—in history. The stone is in the American Midwest in 1860, and Abraham Lincoln has it. Equipped with a baffling clue and a wish that never works, Dax and Ute must fight off demons who try to stop them at every turn. If they find the stone, they're one step closer to saving the world from an icy death. If they fail, humankind will be popsicles, and Dax and Ute will lose their souls.

The Keeper

(YA Fantasy)


Steal the medallion, unleash the magic, and find that which you desire most. Easier said than done.


Zain desperately wants to find the mother he never knew. His wretched father told him she’s dead, but a part of Zain doesn’t believe that. When he learns the queen has a medallion that can grant one’s deepest desire, Zain steals it and quickly discovers he isn’t the only one who wants it.


Zain is thrust into a struggle with the ruthless captain of the king’s guard and an evil witch for possession of the medallion. He finds help from a mysterious woman with magical powers and a girl who could be his enemy. All of them have secrets, one of which might change Zain’s life forever. He must secure the medallion and figure out how to use its power. If he fails, he’ll rot away in the king’s dungeon for the rest of his life. What’s worse, he’ll never find his mother.